About Origin Oman

About Origin Oman

Origin Oman is an important domestic campaign to promote Oman-made products and services; it has the full support of Government, business and community organisations. The campaign’s principal objective is to engender national pride and encourage consumers and companies to choose locally made products and services bearing the Origin Oman logo.

In brief, Origin Oman offers every Oman-based resident an opportunity to help promote the sultanate’s products and services, and by doing so, help create employment opportunities, stimulate the national economy and reduce carbon emissions.


Our commitment to Consumers

Local businesses are the heart and soul of Oman. Local companies contribute enormously to the development of Oman’s economy. Indeed, those who work with local businesses are more likely to earn a living wage and receive benefits. Products that are produced locally require far less energy to transport to market and not insignificantly, it is local business owners who are there with contributions for schools, hospitals, local projects, youth groups and civic projects.

Our commitment to Businesses

Owning and operating a local business is very rewarding, but among its many challenges is the growing dominance of the internet, big box retailers and mass merchandisers. Origin Oman has been created to provide consumers with a brand identity for all locally owned businesses. The Origin Oman website is designed to help Oman-based consumers seek specific products and/or services.

We provide regular promotional campaigns that are aimed at grabbing the attention of consumers and encouraging their loyalty to Oman-based businesses. We plan and organize panel discussions and public events that illustrate the substantial and varied contributions that local businesses contribute to Oman's economic and environmental well-being. Indeed, the participation of locally owned business is critical to the success of Origin Oman. We encourage businesses to support our various public awareness campaigns by placing the Origin Oman logo on their products, letterheads, websites, offices and store windows.

In acknowledging customer support by thanking them for buying and shopping locally, and also by providing them with point-of-purchase information we reinforce the benefits provided to Oman. We also encourage local businesses to buy goods and services from other Oman-based firms.

Our commitment to Education

We are committed to sustained growth with an emphasis on public education. As we grow our partnership base throughout Oman, we organize and promote multiple public education and promotional events that highlight the benefits of sustaining local economies as well as the enormous contributions local businesses provide to Omani communities. We encourage citizen and business partners’ suggestions and urge them to take advantage of the Origin Oman brand and to further expand and promote our public education mission. Regular e-based communication, editorials in weekly supplements and promotional events, highlighting our progress and assistance with local manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers are just some of the core elements of work.

Think, Shop and Buy local

First and foremost, we want you to buy Oman made products and services. Whether you are a business owner or a private individual, you must recognise that the way you buy can influence the shape of Oman's economy.