Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Government involved ?

The government spearheads Origin Oman ambitions. Origin Oman’s campaign falls under PEIE’s umbrella.

Can I join ?

Any Omani business of any size can join, whether you produce or sell a product or service. Non-business organisations such as educational institutions, government organisations, charities, sports clubs and other bodies can also join.

What are the benefits ?

  • Promotion under Origin Oman’s banner through literature, campaigns, print, web, television and radio coverage.
  • Use of the Origin Oman Member logo to promote your business.
  • An opportunity to apply to use the Origin Oman logo on your products.
  • Access to marketing and promotional materials of Origin Oman and PEIE partners.
  • Opportunities to participate in exhibitions and events locally and internationally.
  • Trade development opportunities through “meeting the buyer” initiatives.
  • Access to PR & press release services.
  • Newsletters and e-bulletins.
  • Invitations to Origin Oman networking meetings and seminars.
  • Access to members bulletin boards / forums on:

Who are your members ?

Large and small Omani companies and organisations, representing virtually every economic sector.

We anticipate our memberships to grow monthly. This means that hundreds of consumer and industrial products will be carrying the Origin Oman logo.

How can I join?

You can apply through the website or through visiting Origin Oman offices at PEIE’s head office in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat. Application for membership of Origin Oman is based on the following criteria:

  • I am a business based in Oman and committed to the aims and objectives of Origin Oman.
  • I agree to support Origin Oman initiatives and events and provide reasonable information about the performance of my business. I understand that this will be treated in confidence but that it may be used in summary by Origin Oman to satisfy current funders or to secure future funding.
  • I will strive to ensure that my products are of the highest quality and produced with care and commitment.
  • I agree to comply with all relevant legislation relating to food safety and hygiene, traceability, environmental health and trading standards.
  • All products when offered for sale to the public should clearly indicate the provenance or origin of the product for the benefit of the consumer, so that they are able to easily identify local produce.
  • As a producer - all primary products (fruit, vegetables, meats etc.) must have spent the majority of its life in Oman.
  • As a manufacturer, all products made should have undergone a value added process over and above re-packaging or re-marketing and wherever possible, be sourced from products originating in Oman.
  • Retailers, wholesalers and hospitality members will demonstrate active local sourcing where and when products are available from within Oman.
  • I agree to provide full details for all products that I intend to carry the Origin Oman logo and only to use the logo in accordance with the style guide provided. These details will include, but are not limited to, identity/source of raw ingredients, location of manufacturing/processing and other information requested by Origin Oman.
  • Approval must be granted before the Origin Oman logo may be used.
  • I understand that I will be required to pay an annual subscription charge for my membership (12 months from the date my membership is approved and payment is received by Origin Oman). The subscription will be due on or before this date the following year. In the event of non-payment of that subscription within 30 days of the anniversary date, Origin Oman may thereafter terminate my membership without notice and all benefits of membership will immediately cease. My membership will only be reinstated, at the absolute discretion of Origin Oman, upon payment in full of any outstanding subscription.
  • I understand that I must at all times abide by the code of conduct. Origin Oman may, in its absolute discretion, terminate my membership for any breach of any term of the code of conduct. The decision of Origin Oman shall be final. If my membership is so terminated, I understand that all benefits of membership will immediately cease, but there shall be no entitlement to a refund of any sums paid.

How long does it take to process my membership application ?

Approximately one week, depending on the quality of the information supplied by the prospective member.

How will I know which companies make or supply certain products or services ?

The Origin Oman website - - has a full list of members. There is either a short profile on each member company, its products and/or services, or a hyperlink to that company's website.

Can Origin Oman help me with my marketing and advertising campaigns ?

Yes, but our primary goal is to promote the Origin Oman campaign and our members, create awareness of, and interest in, products and services bearing the Origin Oman logo. It is a marketing effort which members should complement with their own activities. We do assist members with their marketing and sales strategies, as well as give advice to members on leveraging their association with Origin Oman.

Can I be supplied with Origin Oman promotional items ?

Yes. A range of Origin Oman items are available at a nominal cost. Check our website,

How do I communicate the merits of my products or services to other members ?

There are a number of ways of doing this:

  • You should take advantage of the networking opportunities created by seminars and workshops organized by PEIE.
  • Send messages via the campaign's communication material whenever opportunities arise.

Can I promote Origin Oman internationally ?

Definitely yes, but it is the responsibility of members to familiarise themselves with existing trade protocols and market conditions that could affect your business activities in the international market.

Has Origin Oman plans to go international ?

Yes - The campaign is conducting events and exhibitions locally and internationally to promote the Omani products and services, we also do undertake to assist members leverage their brands via our relationships and partnerships with like-minded international organisations.

Who do I contact?

Further information on Origin Oman is available on our website: